Altmannhaus is the fusion of passions for coffee and design. Over the past ten years, I’ve been trying my hand at every aspect of the coffee industry that I can reach, from Starbucks and mom-and-pop shops to roasting for one of the most influential third-wave coffee roasters on the west coast.

After taking the plunge into full-time design, I strove to keep one foot in the industry that I had come to love, and managed to land packaging and website projects for a few known names. Since then, I’ve joined with my wife, Violeta, to become more of a supporter and partner for small coffee companies ranging from small roasters to entrepreneurial inventors of new ways to prepare coffee.

We’re proud to be able to offer our services to this industry but we don’t see ourselves as employees of the people we create for, we communicate with them as partners, and that relationship is very important to us. Building a good relationship with a client is all about communication and humility, and it goes both ways.

We don’t do what we do because we need to, we do it because we like to.

For all the years I’ve been doing this, there are many who know more than I do, both in design and in coffee. We’re eager to learn as much as we can on both sides, and feel that that hunger to feed our education makes us that much more easy to work with. If we don’t know the answer to the problem one of our partners has, we’ll find the person who does.

That said, we value bluntness, and appreciate honesty in feedback. We don’t tolerate people who beat-around-the-bush in conversation, or feel that they should sit on a comment because they feel it’s stupid. We’re straight forward people and are always willing to explain anything that is unclear.